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Welcome to London Dance Floor Hire.

Black and white dance floors are now widely available to hire across the country. This means that pricing on black and white dance floors has come right down, making this dance floor one of our most affordable to hire.

Each black and white dance floor section is 2ft x 2ft. The dance floor has a shinny surface and aluminium sloped edging to create a safe entry onto the dance floor.

You can make the black and white dance floor any size you like as long as it's in 2ft climbs.

The black and white dance floor is the perfect choice for hiring on themed events such as Hollywood nights and black and white themed events. The floor is a good way of adding depth to a room and at a fraction of the price of an LED dance floor.

The black and white chequered dance floor is a classy looking dancefloor. All of our stock was bought new at the End of 2009, so we believe there is no one out there with such great new looking dance floors.

whether you are booking a dance floor for a wedding, birthday party and your staff party, the black and white floor is a great choice on almost any style and type of event.

The Black LED Starlit Plight dance floor is a great partner to corporate functions and lends it's self to darker room. The black shiny surface reflects the white LED lights perfectly.



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